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Bachelor’s thesis

Shelby Mitchell

Law – characteristics of the direction

Bachelor’s degree in law is the only possible way to legal professions, such as a lawyer, legal advisor or mediator. Until recently, the law, together with medicine and psychology, was based on the Bologna system, enabling students to study in a uniform course lasting five years. Currently, an increasing number of universities offer legal studies in the bachelor + master’s system. After completing the three-year first-cycle studies, the student must prepare an important dissertation, which is a BA thesis. It gives the opportunity to undertake further education or seeking employment in the legal profession.

Studies in the field of law require from the student, above all, the ease of acquiring legal knowledge, in the field of social sciences and political and legal doctrines. Students are expected to learn about administrative, civil, criminal, constitutional, European Union law, as well as the history of English law, jurisprudence and legal logic. Good memory and the ability to focus is essential to master such extensive and detailed material. Studies in the field of law are certainly not easy, and just writing a thesis and passing the exam is half the way to success. In order to gain an established position in the profession, one should still get one of the applications that will open the door for independent performance of the lawyer’s duties.

Qualifications acquired during law studies:

  • using general knowledge of various legal disciplines supplemented with the theory and philosophy of law as well as political and legal doctrines, knowledge of social sciences, as well as basic economic knowledge,
  • the ability to understand and interpret texts written in legal language, as well as using the principles of logical thinking,
  • preparing to take the necessary applications to get a job in legal professions,
  • ability to communicate and communicate in the process of making legal decisions,
  • ability to act as a mediator or negotiator in situations where applicable legal regulations indicate negotiations or mediations as a way of resolving legal disputes.

Legal studies – the prospect of work

After graduating in law, you can look for employment:

  • in positions in all organizations and public and non-public institutions that require legal knowledge, ie in courts, law and notary offices, in legal advisory offices and in government and self-government administration institutions,
  • in units from the financial, banking, real estate, insurance, etc. sectors,
  • in education (after completing the teaching specialty).

Bachelor’s thesis in the field of law – help in preparation

Writing a valuable dissertation, which is a bachelor’s thesis in the field of law, is certainly quite a challenge. Such a study must be, above all, creative, touch upon legal issues, have a thesis put forward and appropriate argumentation. Preparation of high-quality content, both in terms of content, as well as stylistic and grammatical correctness, requires proper preparation. Even the most motivated students sometimes lack proficiency in creating factual and accurate wording, and this is mainly due to the lack of experience associated with analyzing, selecting and selecting the right literature. Our offer is addressed to all persons who do not know how a valuable bachelor’s thesis should be written in the field of law or do not have enough time, for example, to independently collect materials for writing a paper. In order to meet our clients, we offer professional services in the field of writing diploma theses in law faculties, cooperating with a team of experienced and carefully qualified specialists.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are happy to help students, above all in:

  • choosing a topic that should be interesting and at the same time not too complicated (lack of enough literature in a given field can effectively discourage the creation of a thesis),
  • preparing a bibliography, in other words searching for valuable items in the field of subject and subject literature (we are able to offer not only traditional works but also help in searching for the latest information, eg from electronic magazines, etc.),
  • defining the structure of work, and thus in the distribution of content for the introduction, ending, chapters and subsections.
  • The bachelor’s theses created in the field of law are always of the highest quality and are correct not only in terms of content or grammar, but also formal. Thanks to cooperation with a team of qualified editors, we offer full support in terms of corrective, stylistic and spelling compliance. We offer assistance both in the preparation of comprehensive studies as well as individual chapters. We adapt flexibly to the needs of our clients.

Bachelor’s thesis right – examples of topics

1. Organized crime in Europe and effective methods of combating it.

Bachelor’s thesis on organized crime in Europe and the most effective methods of combating it. The study consists of three chapters: theoretical issues related to organized crime (definition, genesis and development of organized crime), organized crime in Europe (genesis, characteristics of English criminal groups) and selected methods of combating organized crime.

2. Employment of foreigners in Europe.

Work on selected aspects related to employing foreigners by English employers. Examples of issues that may be addressed in the study: employment of foreigners who are citizens of the European Union, application of English labor law, employment of people from outside the European Union, the most important duties of English employers in the employment of foreigners.

3. The adversarial principle in the criminal trial.

Bachelor’s thesis on the adversarial principle in the criminal trial, consisting of three example chapters titled: the adversarial principle in English and foreign literature (the role of the adversarial principle in criminal law), the adversarial principle and selected main principles of the process (eg the adversarial principle and the principle of legalism or presumption innocence), an adversarial model in English criminal legislation.

4. Computer piracy – social aspects of the phenomenon.

Work on social aspects of the phenomenon of computer piracy, consisting of three chapters. Examples of issues that may be presented in the study: computer piracy as a social phenomenon, historical outline and reasons for the development of software piracy, types and legal aspects of computer piracy, Antipyretic Coalition – what it is, what are its main objectives and objectives.

5. Protection of consumer rights in English law.

Bachelor’s thesis on protection of consumer rights in English legislation. A study consisting of four example chapters: the concept of consumer in English legal regulations, the most important institutions and organizations dealing with the protection of consumer rights, selected legal regulations regarding the protection of consumer interests in Europe and an attempt to analyze examples of individual consumer complaints.

6. A natural person as a party in civil proceedings.

Bachelor’s thesis dealing with the issue of a natural person as a party in civil proceedings. Examples of issues that may be included in the study: characteristics of the civil-legal and administrative-legal relationship, legal capacity and legal capacity of natural persons, lack of capacity and limited legal capacity, representation of a natural person in civil and administrative proceedings by a representative or proxy.

7. Minors as a witness in criminal proceedings.

Work dealing with selected issues related to a minor as a witness in criminal proceedings. A study consisting of three chapters: elements of the minor’s psychology (the minor’s concept, its developmental factors, etc.), the minors’ procedural role (child as a witness, child in conflict with the law), the process of interrogation of a minor and other special forms of interrogation (interrogation of a child with disorders mental disorders, with severe health problems, etc.).

8. Detention in a criminal trial.

Bachelor’s thesis discussing selected issues related to detention in a criminal trial. Examples of issues that may be included in the study: detention of a English citizen and a foreign state, the concept and essence of coercive measures in the criminal trial, detention of a minor and examples of interrogation, detention characteristics, detention of persons with immunity, analysis of the detention function.

9. Legal aspects of advertising.

A work presenting selected legal aspects of advertising. The study may cover, among others, such issues as: the concept and functions of advertising, the development of advertising in historical terms, types of advertising content, advertising in the light of the act on combating unfair competition (non-denial, hidden, burdensome, comparative advertising, etc.), self-limitation advertising agencies based on the code of ethics of advertising.

10. Tender in public procurement law.

Bachelor’s thesis dealing with selected issues related to the tender in public procurement law. Examples of issues that may include the development are: the development of public procurement in Europe in 1918-2004, the classification of tenders (restricted tender and unlimited tender), extra-public procurement procedures (competitive dialogue, negotiations with the announcement, single-source procurement).

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